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RBTools 0.7.6 Release Notes

Release date: April 26, 2016

New Features

rbt api-get

  • rbt api-get can now be used outside of a checkout.

    When passing --server, rbt api-get can be used anywhere, making it useful for more types of integrations.

Team Foundation Server

  • Added support for specifying the path to the tf.exe command for TFS.

    The tf.exe path can now be specified by using the --tf-cmd option on the command line, or by setting TF_CMD in .reviewboardrc.

    Patch by Brandon Martin.

  • Added support for using --exclude on TFS.

    Patch by Brandon Martin.

  • Added support for branch (copy) operations on TFS.

    Branched/copied files can now be posted against Review Board when using Power Pack 1.4.1 or higher. These can also be combined with edit operations.

    Based on work by Brandon Martin.


  • Added pagination helpers for all ListResources.

    This introduces ListResource.all_pages(), which yields every page of the resource, and ListResource.all_items(), which yields every item on the page. These should help with processing pages of information from the API in a consistent way.

Performance Improvements

  • Reduced the work needed to look up ClearCase and Subversion repositories.

    For ClearCase and Subversion, it’s necessary to fetch a list of all compatible repositories in order to compare certain information. We now take advantage of server-side filtering to reduce the set of repositories we have to scan through.

    Patch by Joshua Olson.

  • Improved performance when locally scanning ClearCase repositories.

Bug Fixes


  • When running in a non-interactive console, RBTools commands will no longer hang prompting for login credentials.

    It’s up to the caller to ensure that RBTools has a valid session cookie or credentials (such as an API token) provided on the command line or in .reviewboardrc.

    Patch by Vadim Zeitlin.

rbt post

  • Fixed posting commit IDs for non-Perforce clients.

    Patch by Ben Asher.

  • The summary of a commit is no longer lost if passing a custom summary and guessing the description from the commit message.

    If the summary is passed on the command line but the description is guessed from the commit message, the first line of the commit message would be lost. This change improves that by concatenating the summary and description back together if the summary line isn’t being used for the review request.

    Based on work by Alexander Goncahrov.

rbt setup-repo

  • Improved the fuzzy matching of repositories, to help more accurately return possibly matching results.

    Patch by H W Tovetjärn.


  • Fixed broken parent commit IDs when using relative, negative, or short revisions. (Bug #3915)

    When referencing a relative revision (those starting with a ^), or specifying a negative or short revision number, hgweb would fail to find the matching commits. We now normalize those revisions.

    Patch by André Klitzing.


  • Fixed a crash when posting a changelist that included a deleted symbolic link. (Bug #4037)

    This was supposed to log that the file would be skipped, but there was an error with the logging call.

    Patch by Akis Kalligeros.

  • Fixed a Unicode mismatch when updating an existing review request from a changeset using rbt post -u.

  • Fixed a bad update call that would lead to an empty but harmless “CRITICAL” error message.

Team Foundation Server

  • Fixed rbt setup-repo with TFS repositories.
  • Fixed properly decoding the character set of XML files coming from TFS.


  • Akis Kalligeros
  • Alexander Goncahrov
  • André Klitzing
  • Barret Rennie
  • Ben Asher
  • Brandon Martin
  • Christian Hammond
  • David Trowbridge
  • H W Tovetjärn
  • Joshua Olson
  • Vadim Zeitlin