Power Pack 1.1.1 is released

This month's release of Power Pack 1.1.0 with Reports was very well received, though not immune to problems. As some users reported, we inadvertently broke compatibility with Review Board 1.7.x.

Today's release of Power Pack 1.1.1 fixes this compatibility issue.

We'll be announcing some brand new features and licensing improvements in the coming months for all new and existing Power Pack customers.

RBTools 0.6.3 released

Today's release of RBTools 0.6.3 fixes a handful of annoying little bugs across Git, Mercurial, Subversion, Perforce, and ClearCase. If you use any one of these (and there's a good chance you do), it's time to upgrade!

In past releases, failed post operations could leave behind incomplete review requests, which wasn't always obvious. RBTools will now print out the review request after a failure, making it easier to fix things up without creating a new review request.

We've also fixed a bug in the Python API for Review Board that resulted in errors when performing HTTP DELETE operations.

See the release notes for the complete list of fixes.

While this is a fairly small and bug-oriented release, we're happy to announce that RBTools 0.7 is coming soon, with several new features and native installers for Windows and MacOS X! If you're reading this in your browser, please subscribe to our mailing list for announcements!

Power Pack 1.1 is released

We've just released a new build of Power Pack, our premium set of features for Review Board. Power Pack includes support for GitHub Enterprise, PDF review, and more.

Power Pack 1.1 adds a major new feature: Reports.

Power Pack Reports

Teams of all sizes can benefit from analyzing and measuring the effectiveness of code review amongst their developers. Better insight leads to better, more cost-effective processes and policies. To help with this, we're adding five different ways of looking at your code review process:

  • Time to First Feedback

    This helpful graph shows how long, on average, it takes for new changes to be reviewed. See where the bottlenecks are in your team.

  • Time to Close

    Some code reviews hang on for far too long, delaying releases. See how often this is happening, and where.

  • Review Request Statistics

    A quick at-a-glance table showing statistics on how frequently team members post review requests, how many issues they typically have filed against them, and how many of those are dropped instead of fixed.

  • Code Review Statistics

    More detailed metrics on the actual code reviews performed within the team. See who on your team are more actively reviewing code, how many issues they tend to find, and how frequently they mark Ship It! You'll have a better sense of who is really engaged in the code review process.

  • Code Review Relationships

    This eye-catching diagram shows who's more actively reviewing who's code. It provides a great way of quickly seeing which parts of your team are working closely together, and who's not pulling their weight.

See the release notes for more information.

To install or upgrade Power Pack, simply run:

sudo easy_install -U ReviewBoardPowerPack

To get a trial or purchase a license, see the Power Pack page.

Review Board 2.0.11 released

Another week, another release for you!

Last week's release of 2.0.10, while otherwise fantastic, didn't play so nicely with certain MySQL configurations. This resulted in some people hitting errors during site upgrade. 2.0.11 addresses this issue, and brings a couple other improvements to the table.

Perforce users may notice that the "Change" field on a review request will now reflect the submitted change number, instead of the original (now useless) change number, once the change goes into Perforce.

We also fixed a crash for users in timezones not local to this planet. Unknown timezones will simply default to the server time.

See the release notes for all the details.

Review Board 2.0.10 released

We have another release for you this week! After a couple productive days of bug fixing and performance tuning, we're ready to bring you Review Board 2.0.10.

This release fixes a couple bugs in the new features from 2.0.9, as well as numerous other bugs that have been reported over the past month. If you're running 2.0.9, we strongly recommend upgrading.

We massively improved the load times for dashboards using the People, Groups, or To Me columns. We've also tweaked the Search box to search summaries a lot faster.

See the release notes for the full list of changes.

Review Board 2.0.9 released

We have a big release today, full of bug fixes, performance improvements, usability improvements, and a couple new features.

We fine-tuned the Markdown-capable text fields, helping them to feel more smooth and natural when typing. This is especially noticeable with lots of text, or for those of you who type really fast.

We also sped up the API, making many operations a lot faster, especially querying for review requests. This will benefit RBTools, the UI, and most third-party applications.

Ever want to copy text from a single column in the diff viewer? Now you can! Just select the text and hit Copy as usual. No more unwanted lines or line numbers messing up your pretty code.

Hate getting e-mails about actions you just performed? You can now turn this off in your My Account page.

Extension writers and API consumers, we've given you some new abilities that should help you better script your custom integrations. Remember to show off what you've written in the Package Store!

There are also nearly 20 bug fixes, including fixes for auto-completing users and groups, Markdown rendering and text escaping, incorrect open issue counts in the dashboard, crashes and rendering issues in the diff viewer when viewing some interdiffs, and much more.

See the release notes for the full list of changes.

Review Board 2.0.8 released

Review Board 2.0.8 fixes numerous bugs around the product, ranging from installation and upgrade woes to usability improvements to repository and patch compatibility fixes.

Just over a week ago, a new version of Python-Markdown was released that broke Review Board on Python 2.6. If you've installed Review Board or upgraded recently, and saw errors mentioning "importlib," you were bit by this. Upgrading to Review Board 2.0.8 will pull down a compatible version of Python-Markdown, fixing this problem.

We've also fixed some breakages in the New Review Request page with commits or patches containing certain types of Unicode characters, as well as Subversion commits that didn't contain a commit message.

Setting up a Bitbucket repository is now a bit easier. Errors are properly reported in more cases, and anything provided during configuration is now validated better.

There are several other changes as well. The full details are in the release notes.

Review Board 2.0.7 released

We've put out a new release of Review Board today, and it's a big one. We've fixed over 30 bugs, improved usability issues throughout the product, and made it much easier to configure the new per-repository incoming webhooks.

There are too many bug fixes to properly summarize, but they affect every user of Review Board. Browser compatibility fixes, repository fixes, API fixes, diff viewer fixes, you name it.

Review Board 2.0 introduced support for closing review requests referenced in pushed commits. This was available for GitHub, Bitbucket, and Google Code, and required providing these services with a webhook URL on Review Board.

If you're using this feature, make note: We've changed how it works, and your old hook URLs will no longer work.

If you want to update your hooks, or are setting them up for the first time, we've made this simple. The repository list in the administration UI will now show a "[Hooks]" link next to supported repositories. Click it and follow the easy instructions. (Note that your Review Board server must be to these services over the Internet for these hooks to work.)

For the full list of changes in 2.0.7, see the release notes.

Review Board 2.0.6 released

We have another big Review Board release for you today!

Review Board 2.0.6 makes a number of improvements across the product, including:

  • Fixes for numerous Subversion-related problems
  • Internet Explorer compatibility fixes (note that if you use IE, you should use IE10 at a minimum)
  • Extension installation fixes for multi-threaded servers
  • Addition of OK/Cancel buttons on all fields on review requests
  • Workarounds for broken file attachment mimetypes reported by the browser
  • Smarter Markdown escaping
  • The condensediffs command for reducing diff storage requirements now shows the estimated time until completion.
  • and much more!

There are also a few important security fixes. Django just announced new security releases today, which may affect your server, especially if it's publicly accessible. By upgrading to 2.0.6, you'll get these fixes automatically.

If you're running Review Board 2.0.x, we strongly encourage you to upgrade to this release. It should make things run much smoother all around.

See the release notes for more information on this release.

Review Board 1.7.28 released

Our focus for this release was to get a few crucial bug fixes backported from Review Board 2.0.x, and to also help in your migration to Review Board 2.0.x.

First, security fixes. Django just announced new security releases today, which may affect your server, especially if it's publicly accessible.

There are fixes for SVN keyword handling, broken file attachment mimetypes, and the ability to close another user's review requests (if you're an administrator).

We've also backported our optimized diff migration code from 2.0. Now, when you view older diffs, we'll flag them to be de-duplicated, helping to reduce your database size. If you view two revisions of a change and the diff content for a file is the same between both, we'll end up only storing that content once.

You can also run the following to go through and de-duplicate all your diffs, which will help reduce the migration time to 2.0.x:

sudo rb-site manage /path/to/site condensediffs

To upgrade to Review Board 1.7.28, run:

sudo easy_install ReviewBoard==1.7.28

See the release notes for more information on this release.

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