Review Board 1.7 beta 1 released

The first beta for the next big Review Board release is out now. We've just released 1.7 beta 1, which brings with it a number of new and exciting features.

First up is our new extension support. For a long time now, we've been developing a branch with support for loadable extensions that can enhance the features of Review Board. This is finally ready to ship in an experimental form. There's basic documentation on writing an extension, and we'll be working on some sample extensions people can install. As I said, the extension support is experimental, and will likely change and improve over time.

Administrators will see a new administration UI in this version, complete with fancy graphs of what's happening on the server. The administration UI now features an enhanced dashboard with widgets full of various bits of information. New widgets can be provided by extensions (though there's not yet a way to customize which widgets are shown).

Administration UI

Reviewers and developers will better be able to track what issues remain with the new issue summary table. This is a filterable list of issues that have been filed, shown on every review request. You can quickly check what's been opened, discarded, or resolved, and jump to the comment in question. We'll be integrating this more tightly into review request updates in the future.

Issue Summary Table

We have better file attachment previews for certain file types. Right now, this includes text files, which will show snippets of text, and image files, which will show thumbnails.

You can look forward to smaller databases from here on out. Previously, every new upload of a diff would create new copies of each per-file diff, even if it didn't change since the last revision, taking up unnecessary space. No longer! We consolidate these now, reducing the amount of space that's needed. This will only apply to new diffs, though.

For those who have users spread across the world, we now localize dates and times. Users can set their timezone in their My Account page and all dates and times will be based on that timezone.

There are many more changes. You can see the full details in the release notes.

Please note, this is a beta, and not intended for production use. We do recommend testing it and making sure it works for you, though, and we are actively dog-fooding it.

Also, note that Python 2.4 is no longer supported. You will need Python 2.5 or higher. We recommend installing 2.6 or 2.7 to ensure the highest compatibility going forward.

Contact our mailing list if you have any problems, or file bugs for any regressions you find.

Django 1.3.2 compatibility issues with Python 2.4

Yesterday, we released Review Board 1.6.11, which required the new Django 1.3.2 security release. Unfortunately, as some users have noticed, Django 1.3.2 breaks Python 2.4 compatibility. We have filed a bug against Django, but in the meantime, if you're using Python 2.4, you may need to downgrade back to Django 1.3.1.

To downgrade, first locate the Django-1.3.2*.egg directory in your Python path. Delete that, and then install 1.3.1 by doing:

$ sudo easy_install Django==1.3.1

We are hoping this will be addressed soon, at which point we'll update our 1.6.11 package with a hotfix that requires the new version.

Review Board 1.6.11 released

Review Board 1.6.11 is out, with some fixes to regressions in 1.6.10 and further optimizations If you're running 1.6.10, you'll want to upgrade.

We also are now requiring Django 1.3.2. This is a security release that the Django project put out yesterday. We recommend that all Review Board 1.6.x users upgrade to this release. If you're not intended to upgrade to 1.6.11 right away, you can upgrade Django by typing:

$ sudo easy_install Django==1.3.2

You can read more about the security releases.

Full release notes are available.

Review Board 1.6.10 released

Welcome to the fastest version of Review Board yet.

1.6.10 is chock full of performance enhancements. It's lighter on your web servers and on your database and noticeably faster. Review requests load almost instantly and the diff viewer renders diffs faster.

You know those "X minutes ago" timestamps? They weren't very cache-friendly, and required a reload to update. Now they're live, even when viewing a cached page. The timestamps everywhere in the UI will update as time ticks away.

There are also some fixes for diffs with very long lines (generally for datasets or minified files), fixes for Mercurial repositories, and fixes for excessive update checks on a review request.

There was a lot of internal work done for these optimizations. We have been dogfooding this pretty heavily, but please let us know if you find any regressions.

Full release notes are available.

Review Board 1.6.9 released

Another day, another release! We've been working to shake out the bugs from the hosting service change, and following the ol' open source mantra, "Release early, release often." Fixing regressions is important to us, and the reports people have been filing have been very helpful, so we'll continue to do this quick releases as long as necessary.

That said, things are looking pretty good, and our test suite is only growing.

Tonight's release fixes some problems some users have had with GitHub private repositories, a regression in key input on the diff viewer page, and creating new review requests not tied to a repository.

We also now log when you're getting low on GitHub API calls remaining, as determined by GitHub's rate limiting system.

Release notes are available.

Review Board 1.6.8 released

Thanks to people's quick feedback, we've made some important fixes to the new hosting service support. This covers the configuration of repositories, and some fixes in error reporting and diff uploading using the New Review Request form with GitHub. We recommend that everyone on 1.6.7 updates to this release.

Release notes are available.

Review Board 1.6.7 released - GitHub users, pay attention!

Today we bring you a very important release, especially to those of you on GitHub. Please read this post carefully.

We've been doing major work on new hosting service integration support in Review Board. This provides, for the first time, direct knowledge of repository hosting service APIs and account linking, removing the need for copy-and-pasted API tokens and hacks.

This feature is critical for GitHub users, as sometime soon (likely this month or next), GitHub will be switching off their old v2 API (which Review Board has traditionally used to fetch files) and moving to the new v3 API.

If you are a GitHub user of any sort, you must upgrade! Failure to do so will mean your repositories may not work soon.

Once you have upgraded, you will need to go into each configured repository and set it up again as a GitHub repository. This will have you link an account on GitHub to your repository. Unfortunately, this is not something we can automate, but you shouldn't have to do this again. Once you've finished, you should be set for when GitHub terminates their old API.

This is a large change to Review Board, and we have been careful to test it thoroughly, but lab testing and real-world testing don't always show the same results. If you have any problem with your repository, please contact us.

If you feel more comfortable, you can create a new, temporary repository, link it to your account, and ensure that works. If there is a problem, report it, and you can continue to use your old repositories until GitHub switches off the API.

In the future, this new support will allow us to provide a more seamless repository configuration process and features specific to hosting services, as well as deeper bug tracker integration.

Along with the hosting service code, this release also provides compatibility with Plastic SCM v4.0, makes the max diff size limit configurable, and fixes a few bugs in the product.

See the release notes for more information.

Review Board 1.6.6 released
Updated 25-April-2012 at 6:25PM: People have become concerned about the 1MB limit and how it will apply to binary files in your changesets. Don't worry! Binary files don't count to the 1MB limit. Just code changes.

Review Board 1.6.6 is out! The biggest change is that you can now fetch the API tokens for your private GitHub repositories directly on the repository configuration page. This is necessary as they've removed the API tokens listing on the GitHub account pages, in preparation for a move to the new API.

Another important change to note is that we've limited the size of uploaded diffs to 1MB. We've found that diffs that are larger than this tend to bog down the server, particularly on large deployments, and that diffs of that size are generally too difficult to review.

We suspect that for the most part, people won't hit too many problems with these. The exceptions are for very large, auto-generated bits of code, which probably aren't worthy of review anyway, and very large parent diffs. If you are hit by this for legitimate reasons, please let us know. We can still tweak this limit, but want to see how this goes.

Release notes are available.

Status Update on GitHub with Review Board

As previously mentioned, GitHub is transitioning to a new API and will be soon deprecating the version that Review Board speaks. We've been hard at work on this move (which brings with it a better repository configuration experience and the groundwork for tighter integration with GitHub and other services).

In the meantime, new users have been unable to link with private GitHub repositories, since GitHub no longer supplies the required API Token anywhere on the account page.

But good news! There is a workaround. If you have curl installed (common on Linux), you can request your API token by doing the following:

    $ curl -u github_username

Enter your password when prompted. The result should show you your API token, which you can paste right into your repository configuration page.

We'll be sending out a release soon that will make it easier to get your API token when configuring the repository, followed by a new release with the GitHub API v3 additions in the following week or two. We want to make sure it's rock-solid first.

If you have any questions, we're always available on our mailing list.

Important update regarding GitHub and Review Board

Hello everyone.

GitHub has recently announced that they will soon be removing their older version 1.0 and 2.0 APIs, in favor of the newer version 3 API. This is scheduled to take place on May 1st, 2012.

Some users have already noticed that they have removed the API Token field, meaning that new GitHub Private and Private Organization accounts can't be accessed by Review Board today. We are in contact with GitHub and I'm hoping we'll have a solution to that.

Review Board uses the version 2.0 API to fetch files from GitHub, meaning that any installations using GitHub will stop working on May 1st. We are hard at work on moving to the version 3.0 API, and will have an update as soon as we can verify things are working properly. This will be Review Board 1.6.6.

There will be some manual steps required to get your GitHub repositories working again in 1.6.6. It will involve editing the repository entry, re-selecting GitHub, and authorizing an account. This will fetch the new OAuth2 API tokens from GitHub. Once you've done this, your repository will work again.

Further details will be provided as soon as we have a release.

Review Board 1.5.x users will need to upgrade to 1.6.6 in order to use their GitHub repositories.

Please contact our mailing list if you have any questions or concerns.

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