RBTools 0.7.5 is here!

RBTools 0.7.5 is now out and ready to install.

This is largely a bug fix release, focusing in part on improved compatibility with Windows, Git, Subversion, Mercurial, Perforce, and Team Foundation Server.

On Windows, RBTools will now first look in %HOME% to find any custom .reviewboardrc files, instead of only looking in the Application Data directory, which will be quite helpful with many system configurations. There are also fixes for using Mercurial on Windows.

Non-Git user? You've probably seen that annoying but harmless command not found: git error when posting a change. That's gone now!

For Perforce users, posting submitted changes or files outside of the client view now work. This had regressed in an earlier release, but you should be in good shape now.

Subversion has seen some more Unicode fixes, plus fixes for rbt post --svn-show-copies-as-adds.

Along with all this, we've added a new feature for setting a custom search path for .reviewboardrc. You can set your $RBTOOLS_CONFIG_PATH to a list of paths to search, allowing you to make your version in $HOME take precedence over what's in your repository, and allowing you to work with centralized collections of aliases in your organization.

See the release notes for the complete list of changes.

One more thing: We've simplified installation for those of you using pip to install. Our builds are now directly hosted on PyPI, meaning all you now need to do to upgrade is run:

$ pip install -U RBTools
Power Pack for Review Board 1.3.4 is out!

Power Pack 1.3.4 builds on top of last release's 1.3.3, fixing a couple of annoying bugs.

First, some of you have found that Reports broke in 1.3.3. We've tracked the issue down and fixed it. Reports should work just fine now.

Beta users of Review Board 2.5 have noted that one of our new features didn't work so well with Power Pack. Review Board 2.5 allows any draft comments on an image or document to be moved and resized, but this didn't play nicely on PDFs. That's been taken care of, so once you upgrade to 2.5, you'll be able to drag those comments all over the place.

It's a small release, but we have some big ones coming up, as we prepare some major improvements to Reports, and introduce some new features to help manage user accounts.

See the release notes.

To install Power Pack, follow our installation instructions. If it's already installed, you can upgrade by typing:

$ sudo easy_install -U ReviewBoardPowerPack

Got a feature you want in Power Pack? Let us know!

Power Pack for Review Board 1.3.3 is out!

Power Pack 1.3.3 is now available for download, featuring new bug fixes and an improved setup and trial experience.

Power Pack extends Review Board, offering PDF document review, report generation, scalability, and compatibility with Microsoft Team Foundation Server and GitHub Enterprise.

We've fixed case sensitivity issues when comparing paths with TFS, fixing issues when posting diffs. There are also compatibility fixes for systems using Python 2.6.

Along with this, we've made it easier to get started with Power Pack. When you first install it and enable the extension, you'll see a new banner guiding you through installing a trial license, and then guiding you through adding users to the license. Once your trial runs out, it'll let you and your users know, so that there's no confusion as to why features stopped working.

See the release notes for all the changes.

To install Power Pack, follow our installation instructions. If it's already installed, you can upgrade by typing:

$ sudo easy_install -U ReviewBoardPowerPack
Review Board 2.0.20 is released

We've just released Review Board 2.0.20, which fixes several bugs that were reported in 2.0.19. These include:

  • Subversion 1.9 diffs containing newly-added files are now supported.
  • E-mail headers that contain Unicode data (such as full names with accents) once again send correctly.
  • Image file attachments with comments no longer break review requests.
  • Plain text files in the diff viewer no render incorrectly with red boxes around words.
  • Text-based file attachment thumbnails no longer sometimes show up as garbage.

Thanks as always to our wonderful users for their patience and bug reports!

The full release notes are up. We also have a guide on verifying PGP signatures for our downloads, to ensure authenticity.

We're gearing up for the full 2.5 release. Just getting everything in order, but (knock on wood) we expect to ship by the end of the month!

Review Board 2.0.19 is released

Review Board 2.0.19 is out! This release focuses on some e-mail-related improvements and a series of compatibility/bug fixes.

Extension authors have access to several new hooks that allow extensions to better control the recipients for an e-mail list. They can be used to filter out addresses or add to the To/CC lists.

On the user side, e-mails now provide a bunch of new headers that you can use for more fine-grained filtering:

  • Any review e-mail with a Ship It! will contain a X-ReviewBoard-ShipIt: 1 header.
  • If it doesn't have any other contents, it'll be accompanied by a X-ReviewBoard-ShipIt-Only: 1 header.
  • You'll find a X-ReviewBoard-Diff-For header for every file in a diff, to really help sort those into appropriate right e-mail folders.

It wouldn't be a .z release without some good bug fixes:

  • We've fixed more character set compatibility issues with different systems we integrate with.
  • Some issues relating to Power Pack compatibility on Windows and with SSH scalability have been resolved.
  • Comment dialogs no longer show the wrong thing if immediately opening a newly-saved plain text comment.
  • Opening and closing text fields or the comment dialog no longer results in unnecessary drafts being created.

The full list of changes are up in the release notes.

Please note that you're also going to want to upgrade your version of Django to We cannot install this version for you at this time, so see our earlier announcement for instructions.

New Django security releases

We've just put out new, unofficial releases of Django 1.6.11 that contain security fixes backported from the latest versions of Django.

The Django project is no longer maintaining Django 1.6.x, as it has end-of-lifed. However, for many reasons, we're currently dependent on this version. As such, we will be maintaining security releases for Django 1.6.x from here on out, in the form of 1.6.11.x releases.

The latest security releases can always be download here. We will announce new releases on our Official Announcements mailing list and on our community support forum.

To upgrade to Django, you can run:

$ sudo easy_install \
    -f http://downloads.reviewboard.org/releases/Django/1.6/ \

or, using pip:

$ sudo pip install \
    -f https://s3.amazonaws.com/downloads.reviewboard.org/releases/Django/1.6/index.html \

Unfortunately, due to restrictions in the design of pip, we will not be able to automatically upgrade to these versions of Django in our upcoming releases of Review Board. It will be up to you to handle this for now. We will announce instructions along with the releases.

For information on what's in this security release, see Django's announcement.

Please note that Django 1.6.x is the last version to support Python 2.6.x, which has also end-of-lifed. We will be dropping support for Python 2.6 in Review Board 2.6, so we recommend moving to Python 2.7 at your earliest convenience.

Plans for Review Board's bug tracker

Many of you may have heard that Google Code is going read-only starting tomorrow, and some have asked us how this will affect the project, since we host our bug tracker there.

Not to worry. Google's been nice enough to whitelist us for a little while, so even though most of Google Code will be down, we'll continue to be up. This is not permanent, but for the time-being, you'll still be able to report bugs at the old address.

Going forward, we'll be migrating off of Google Code and onto a new tracker. That will happen in the coming weeks, and we'll talk more about it when it happens.

So why the delay? Why did Google need to extend the shutdown date for us? We actually have something new on the way that we're pretty excited about. We call it Splat, and while still very young, it's shaping up to a pretty cool bug/issue tracker. We weren't quite prepared to switch over to it by the shutdown date, but we have enough of it ready to launch pretty soon.

There's a lot more that I'd like to say about Splat, but there will be time for that. We'll make a more formal announcement soon.

Review Board 2.5 RC 1 is out!

We're in the home stretch for the big release of Review Board 2.5. Today's release candidate is, we hope, the last release before 2.5 goes live, so if you've been waiting for a good opportunity to jump in and test it out, now's the time!

This release primarily focuses on bug fixes, with a few new extension and Markdown improvements that came along for the ride. Some of the extension features (namely, new hooks that control some e-mail behavior) and fixes are ported over from the upcoming 2.0.19 release, so those of you staying on 2.0.x will be getting those soon.

Markdown input has gotten more stylish. Fenced code blocks, used to format blocks of code, will now syntax-highlight that code, just like the diff viewer. This supports 14 major languages, including CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, C/C++, Go, and PHP.

The login, registration, and password reset pages are now mobile-friendly, helping you to get going quickly on your mobile devices. Once you're in, you'll find some improvements to the dashboard and user pages to help you filter for the review requests you want to find.

See the release notes for the full list of changes.

Once again, barring any major problems, we will be releasing the final 2.5 soon. That means if you're planning an upgrade soon, you should really give RC 1 a test to make sure the final 2.5 will work for you.

Installing the beta

If you want to give this release a try, please do so on a test server with a copy of your production database.

To install the beta, run:

$ sudo easy_install \
    -f http://downloads.reviewboard.org/releases/ReviewBoard/2.5/ \
    -U ReviewBoard

(Note that pip is not currently supported for beta/RC installs.)

Please give it a try and report any bugs that you find!

Review Board 2.5 beta 2 is out!

Hey there, everyone! We have a great release this week for those of you living on the bleeding edge and helping us beta test the next generation of Review Board.

Review Board 2.5 beta 2 is out, bringing new API enhancements, UI polish, better dashboard management, the beginnings of mobile support, and more. This builds on top of all the features we announced for beta 1 back in March.

What you'll notice right away are the changes to the UI. We've been going through the product and working to polish things up, and have been making good progress. You'll see some tweaks to the review request page, file attachment thumbnails, the diff viewer, dashboard, and the New Review Request page.

So let's take a quick look at some of the highlights of the beta.

A dashboard with room to breathe

The new dashboard is a lot less crowded, and a bit more informative. Take a look:


We've also made the dashboard usable on a mobile device. In fact, most of Review Board is now usable, with the rest to follow. Try resizing your screen on our demo server to see how it works.

Tweaks to review requests

The review request page has some general tweaks all over. We've added tab-based navigation, increased the amount of room for the content, and more.

Review requests

Shiny HD thumbnails

The file attachment thumbnails are now wider, and show more of the thumbnail than before. Hover your mouse over the thumbnail, and it'll scroll to show you even more of the page. If you're on a high-DPI ("Retina" display), your thumbnails will be even more crisp and clear.

HD Thumbnails

A friendlier issue summary table

You'll also notice that we've completely redone the issue summary table, giving it a visual refresh and make it a lot easier to both see what's open and to filter it.

Issue summary table

At a glance, you can now see exactly what's left on your plate without reading a bunch of text. To filter by a status, simple click the status. This is far better than the old text-based stats and drop-down lists we had before, don't you think?

Plenty more where that came from

That really just scratches the surface. We didn't even show off the mobile UI, the New Review Request page, or the new format for reviews. That will come in time.

Check out the release notes for everything in this beta.

You can also follow our work over at the Review Board ChangeLog, our new community forum for all things Review Board development.

Installing the beta

If you want to give this release a try, please do so on a test server with a copy of your production database.

To install the beta, run:

$ sudo easy_install \
    -f http://downloads.reviewboard.org/releases/ReviewBoard/2.5/ \
    -U ReviewBoard

(Note that pip is not currently supported for beta installs.)

Please give it a try and report any bugs that you find!

Using Review Board with Amazon CodeCommit

Today, Amazon released their all-new CodeCommit service as part of the Amazon Web Services family. CodeCommit is a Git repository hosting service built for scalability and reliability, helping to securely store encrypted versions of your code, binaries, and configuration related to your products and cloud infrastructure.

They've put together a guide on integrating AWS CodeCommit with Review Board that you can follow if you're wanting to give this service a try. It'll walk you through deploying a Review Board server, setting up access to CodeCommit, linking your repository, and posting changes for review.

Currently, setup requires maintaining an in-sync clone of your repository on the Review Board server. We're aiming to work with the CodeCommit team to help bring direct support for hosted CodeCommit repositories to a future release of Review Board and RBCommons.

For more information on getting set up, check out the CodeCommit page and read our guides on configuring Git repositories and our recommended RBTools workflows for Git.

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