Review Board 2.0.19 is out! This release focuses on some e-mail-related improvements and a series of compatibility/bug fixes.

Extension authors have access to several new hooks that allow extensions to better control the recipients for an e-mail list. They can be used to filter out addresses or add to the To/CC lists.

On the user side, e-mails now provide a bunch of new headers that you can use for more fine-grained filtering:

  • Any review e-mail with a Ship It! will contain a X-ReviewBoard-ShipIt: 1 header.
  • If it doesn't have any other contents, it'll be accompanied by a X-ReviewBoard-ShipIt-Only: 1 header.
  • You'll find a X-ReviewBoard-Diff-For header for every file in a diff, to really help sort those into appropriate right e-mail folders.

It wouldn't be a .z release without some good bug fixes:

  • We've fixed more character set compatibility issues with different systems we integrate with.
  • Some issues relating to Power Pack compatibility on Windows and with SSH scalability have been resolved.
  • Comment dialogs no longer show the wrong thing if immediately opening a newly-saved plain text comment.
  • Opening and closing text fields or the comment dialog no longer results in unnecessary drafts being created.

The full list of changes are up in the release notes.

Please note that you're also going to want to upgrade your version of Django to We cannot install this version for you at this time, so see our earlier announcement for instructions.