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Power Pack 1.3.1 Release Notes

Release date: July 2, 2015

New Features

HD Thumbnails for PDFs

When using the upcoming Review Board 2.5 release, thumbnails will appear larger with more detail, making it easier to see the contents of the first page of the document at a glance.

If using a Retina/high-DPI display, the thumbnails will also take advantage of the native pixel resolution of the display, producing a crisper, higher-quality thumbnail.

Documentation Updates

We’ve added some documentation for Team Foundation Server that covers how to configure your repositories and how to use RBTools.

Bug Fixes

PDF Document Review

  • Fixed scrolling the page when zoomed in on some browsers.

Team Foundation Server

  • The Add Repository page will now show the TFS repository types immediately after enabling the extension.
  • Fixed TFS-Git support when a single project contained multiple Git repositories.
  • Fixed parsing diffs for files that didn’t end in a newline, or when starting with a UTF-8 BOM character.
  • Fixed several issues when working with diffs for many types of binary files that TFS was incorrectly reporting as text.
  • Fixed working with repository URLs that needed URL-escaping.