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Power Pack 1.2.0 Release Notes

Release date: February 23, 2015

New Features

Microsoft Team Foundation Server

This release introduces support for reviewing code stored on Microsoft Team Foundation Server repositories. Team Foundation Server, or TFS, provides source code management, project management, automated builds, and more, and is deeply integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio.

With Power Pack, you can now configure all your TFS repositories quickly and easily, without any of the custom scripts, patches, or workarounds that were once needed. It’s fully supported by the makers of Review Board.

Using RBTools 0.7.1 or higher, developers can post or update changes against configured TFS repositories with one command, without having to manually generate or convert diffs. Developers can also view commits in the Review Board web UI and post any existing commits for review with one click.

Note that currently, only TFVC repositories are supported. Git repositories stored on TFS will be supported in a future update.

Flexible Licensing

In prior releases of Power Pack, a license had to be purchased for the entire server. In larger companies, this made it difficult to justify Power Pack licenses when needed only by select teams.

We’ve made our licensing model much more flexible. A license can now be purchased containing a fixed number of seats, and those seats can be assigned in a number of ways:

  • Manually assigned to specific users.
  • Manually assigned to all users in one or more review group.
  • Automatically assigned to users in one or more review groups whenever they join the group.
  • Automatically assigned to all users on a server when they join.

It’s easier and more affordable than ever to get started with Power Pack. Download a 30 day trial or purchase a license for your team today!

Two Free Seats Forever!

Starting with Power Pack 1.2.0, all Review Board servers will be eligible to receive two free, fully-licensed seats of Power Pack when downloading a 30 day trial license.

Once the 30 days are up, your license will convert to a full license for up to 2 people. This license will never expire, and supports all future releases of Power Pack.

Simply purchase a license at any time to bring the rest of your team or organization on board.