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Power Pack 3.0.3 Release Notes

Release date: September 28, 2020

Compatibility Improvements


  • Added support for the upcoming Review Board 4.0 release on Python 2 and 3.
  • Improved dependencies to fix installation errors on some systems.
  • Prepared for upcoming changes to license files.


  • GitHub Enterprise now requires Personal Access Tokens on Review Board 3.0.18+ when linking new accounts.

    GitHub.com will soon require Personal Access Tokens instead of a passwords for linking accounts. We’re expecting this to be required in the future for GitHub Enterprise as well.

    Existing linked accounts and repositories are unaffected.

  • Improved processing and rendering of PDF documents.

  • Improved SSH key storage and management on Review Board 3.0.18+.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed toggling feature checkboxes in the Power Pack configuration page.
  • Fixed an encoding issue in AWS CodeCommit when fetching some files.
  • Fixed an error message in Bitbucket Server when uploading diffs not generated by RBTools.
  • Fix crashes that could occur when exporting CSV files from a review relationships report.