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Power Pack 1.3 Release Notes

Release date: March 18, 2015


We recently fixed some problems introduced with Review Board 2.0.14 and 2.0.15 that prevented commenting on PDFs. If you were using one of these releases, you will need to upgrade Djblets to 0.8.18 by typing:

$ sudo easy_install -U Djblets=0.8.18

If you are on Review Board 2.0.16 or higher, you will not need to upgrade Djblets, as these fixes will already be included.

New Features

Team Foundation Server Git Repositories

Power Pack 1.3 now supports configuring Git repositories hosted on Microsoft Team Foundation Server.

To configure your TFS Git repository, just add a new repository entry to Review Board and specify your Git clone URL.

At the moment, this does not support listing commits in the New Review Request page and posting them for review, due to limitations with the TFS Git API. You can continue to use RBTools without problems, though.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed accessing a review request with PDFs as an anonymous user.
  • Fixed JavaScript errors when posting comments on PDFs on Review Board 2.0+.
  • Fixed displaying existing comments on a PDF on Review Board 2.0+.
  • When using Review Bot along with report generation, the configured Review Bot username will be looked up and excluded from any reports.
  • Comments that failed to publish against Review Board 2.0.14/2.0.15 no longer pass along old encoded thumbnail data to the client when setting up the page.