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Power Pack 5.0 Release Notes

Release date: May 10, 2022

New Features

Code Review for Cliosoft SOS

Power Pack 5.0 now supports posting and reviewing code on Cliosoft SOS!

SOS is an enterprise-grade source code management solution widely used for hardware and software design and development. It’s built to allow teams across the globe to collaborate on large hardware-focused projects.

With Power Pack 5.0, Review Board can now connect to SOS projects as repositories, allowing developers to review in-progress work before checking in to the project.

This requires a licensed copy of SOS 7.20 or higher on the Review Board server, and Review Board 4.0.6 or newer. Any user posting changes to Review Board must also be licensed in Power Pack.

RBTools 3.1 is required to post changes. This supports posting SOS selections and changelists (new in 7.20).

This is a collaboration between Cliosoft and Beanbag.

See our guide on setting up SOS repositories and posting to SOS repositories for more information.