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Power Pack 4.0 Release Notes

Release date: March 22, 2022


Power Pack 4.0 requires Review Board 3.0 or newer. Review Board 2.5 and older are no longer supported.

Some features require Review Board 4.0.5 or newer.

New Features

HCL VersionVault and IBM ClearCase

Power Pack 4.0 includes a new backend for connecting to HCL VersionVault and IBM ClearCase repositories. This is intended to replace the old community-driven ClearCase backend which is shipped with Review Board.

The new VersionVault/ClearCase support boasts numerous improvements, including the ability for multiple VOBs to be included in a single repository, support for moved and renamed files, and much better performance.

This feature requires Review Board 4.0.5 or newer on the server, and RBTools 3.0 or newer for clients.

See VersionVault and ClearCase Repositories for more details.

Import/Export and Server Migration

There are times when you may want to take the content from one Review Board server and move it to another. The simplest way to do this is just to copy the database, but there are some times when that will not suffice:

  • You want to export only a subset of the content (for example, if part of a business is being spun-out or acquired).
  • You want to combine two separate Review Board instances into one.
  • You want to change database backend types (for example, moving from MySQL to Postgres).

The new import/export feature makes it easy to handle these kinds of scenarios by exporting a full or partial Review Board server into a database-agnostic bundle, which can then be imported into a new or existing server.

See Server Import and Export for more details.