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Power Pack 2.0 Release Notes

Release date: February 14, 2018


Power Pack 2.0 now requires Review Board 2.0 or newer. Review Board 1.7 and older are no longer supported.

New Features

Revamped Reports

The reports feature in Power Pack has had a major update, focusing primarily on speed. Depending on the query, reports in Power Pack 1.x could take a very long time to run, potentially even causing database timeout errors. These have all been sped up dramatically, and most reports will now return results immediately even with relatively large data sets.

The user interface for selecting data for reports has also been improved. Choosing data for a report is now done by selecting a set of users and a time period. The set of users can include individual users, members of review groups, or everyone on the server. Specific sets of users can be saved as favorites, so you don’t need to redefine the list each time.

The time periods now contain several presets such as “last month” or “quarter to date”. These will be saved in the URL so a report for “last month” can be bookmarked and will always show the report for the data relative to the time the page is accessed. This is particularly useful if you have reports that need to be checked on a schedule, such as for a weekly meeting.

Finally, data from reports can be saved as a CSV file by clicking Download CSV in the upper right. The CSV data often has slightly more detail than what is shown in the report UI, in case you’d like to do your own calculations in a tool such as Excel.

PDF Review Improvements

PDF Review in Power Pack has been improved in numerous ways. The pop-out sidebar now shows thumbnails for each page instead of just page numbers, and will follow along as you browse through the document. The look of PDF review has also been updated to fit in better with modern Review Board versions. Additionally, the speed of document rendering and animations throughout have been significantly improved.

Bitbucket Server Support

Power Pack 2.0 now includes support for repositories hosted on Bitbucket Server. Bitbucket Server is a significantly different tool than Bitbucket, and is intended to be run on-premise instead of as a service. Due to limitations in the Bitbucket Server APIs, this supports posting changes via RBTools but not committed changes via the New Review Request page.

Amazon AWS CodeCommit Support

Power Pack now includes support for repositories hosted on AWS CodeCommit. Due to limitations in the CodeCommit APIs, this supports posting changes via RBTools but not committed changes via the New Review Request page.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with Unicode strings in files hosted on Team Foundation Server.