We've just released Review Board 2.0.20, which fixes several bugs that were reported in 2.0.19. These include:

  • Subversion 1.9 diffs containing newly-added files are now supported.
  • E-mail headers that contain Unicode data (such as full names with accents) once again send correctly.
  • Image file attachments with comments no longer break review requests.
  • Plain text files in the diff viewer no render incorrectly with red boxes around words.
  • Text-based file attachment thumbnails no longer sometimes show up as garbage.

Thanks as always to our wonderful users for their patience and bug reports!

The full release notes are up. We also have a guide on verifying PGP signatures for our downloads, to ensure authenticity.

We're gearing up for the full 2.5 release. Just getting everything in order, but (knock on wood) we expect to ship by the end of the month!