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216 - Unverified Host Certificate

API Error Code 216
HTTP Status Code HTTP 403 Forbidden
Error Text The HTTPS certificate on the host is unverified.

Review Board encountered an unverified HTTPS certificate another host (typically a repository). The certificate needs to be verified before Review Board can access the host.

The certificate information will be returned along with the error.



  "certificate": {
    "failures": [
      "failure 1", 
      "failure 2", 
    "fingerprint": "_https certificate fingerprint_", 
    "hostname": "svn.example.com", 
    "issuer": "MyIssuer", 
    "valid": {
      "from": "_date_", 
      "until": "_date_"
  "err": {
    "code": 216, 
    "msg": "The HTTPS certificate on the host is unverified."
  "stat": "fail"