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This documentation covers Review Board 2.5. You can see the latest Review Board documentation or all other versions.

Database Management

The Database section of the Administration UI allows you to view and modify the actual contents of the Review Board database in a simple, human-readable fashion.

With the exception of the management tables, most tables are used for data storage only and should not be modified unless you know what you’re doing.


If not handled carefully, modifying entries in the database can lead to data loss or corruption.

Management Tables

The management tables are the areas of the database you’re most likely to modify in your installation.

Table Description
Default reviewers Default reviewers applied to review requests
Groups User permission/authentication groups
Repositories Source code repository configuration
Review groups Target reviewer groups
Sites Basic site information
Users User account information

Data Storage Tables

As the name suggests, data storage tables contain data for such things as review requests, raw site settings, diffs, and so on. These should usually be left untouched, but there may be occasions when you’ll need to fix something for another user by modifying one of these tables.

The table below is grouped by the sections listed in the Database page in the Administration UI.

Table Description
Local site profiles User profile and configuration specific to partitioned local sites.
Profiles General site-wide user profile and configuration
Review request visits Tracking of review request visits for user accounts.
File attachments File attachments associated with review requests.
Groups User permission/authentication groups.
Users User account information.
Change descriptions Review request change description logging.
Diff set histories Groupings of revisioned diff sets, each owned by a review request.
Diff sets A revisioned set of file diffs owned by a diff set history.
File diffs Per-file diffs, along with the path and revision of the referenced files in the repository.
Evolutions A history of database migrations applied. Do not modify this!
Versions A history of database schemas. Do not modify this!
Comments Comments made on diffs.
Default reviewers Default reviewers applied to review requests.
File attachment comments Comments made on file attachments.
Review groups Target reviewer groups.
Review request drafts Drafts of review requests.
Review requests All review requests, public and private.
Reviews All reviews, public and private.
Screenshot comments Comments made on screenshots.
Screenshots All uploaded screenshots.
Tools All registered SCMTools for talking to repositories.
Local sites Partitioned local sites.
Site configurations Stored configuration for the site. Do not modify this!
Sites Basic site information.