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This documentation covers Review Board 2.5. You can see the latest Review Board documentation or all other versions.

SSH Settings

The SSH settings page covers the SSH key being used to talk to SSH-backed repositories. The page’s contents differ depending on whether an SSH key is configured.

Configure an SSH Key

If an SSH key is not yet provided, you will have the option of generating a new key, or uploading an existing private key.

Click Generate an SSH Key to generate a brand new SSH key specific to your Review Board server.

Click Upload an SSH Key to upload an existing id_dsa or id_rsa file. This must be a private key, not a public key.


If you choose to upload an existing SSH key, be aware that it will be readable by the web server and potentially anything running on it. Only provide one you feel safe using, and only if you trust the server.

SSH Key Details

If an SSH key is already configured, the SSH Settings page will show details on that key. Those details cover:

  • Key type
  • Number of bits of encryption
  • Public fingerprint
  • Public key

The public key can be used on other repositories to grant permission to Review Board in order to access its files.