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This documentation covers Review Board 2.5. You can see the latest Review Board documentation or all other versions.

Diff Viewer Settings

The Diff Viewer Settings page contains several customization options for the diff viewer. These settings generally don’t need to be changed unless you have specified requirements for your server. It’s split up into the following sections:


  • Show syntax highlighting:

    If enabled, syntax highlighting will be used in the Diff Viewer. This offers improved readability of diffs, but takes longer to render.

    This option can be overridden by users in their account settings.

    Note that syntax highlighting may be needed for some more advanced features, so disabling it can reduce the functionality of the diff viewer.

    This defaults to being enabled.

  • Syntax highlighting threshold:

    This can be used to limit syntax highlighting for very large files. If this isn’t blank or 0, then syntax highlighting will only be enabled for files with at most this many lines.

    This defaults to being blank.

  • Show trailing whitespace:

    If enabled, excess whitespace on a line is shown as red blocks. This helps to visualize when a text editor has added unwanted whitespace to the end of a line.

    This defaults to being enabled.

  • Show all whitespace for:

    This is a comma-separated list of file patterns for which all whitespace changes should be shown.

    Normally, whitespace-only changes are ignored in a diff, improving readability and allowing developers to concentrate on actual code changes. However, for some file formats, this isn’t desired. These file patterns can be listed here.

    For example: *.py, *.txt


  • Max diff size:

    The maximum size of an uploaded diff (in bytes).

    Any diffs larger than this will be rejected during upload. This can be used to lighten the load on the server.

    Specify 0 to allow diffs of any size.

    This defaults to 0.

  • Lines of Context:

    The number of unchanged lines shown above and below changed lines.

    This defaults to 5.

  • Paginate by:

    The number of files to display per page in the diff viewer.

    This defaults to 20.

  • Paginate orphans:

    The number of extra files required before adding another page to the diff viewer. If, for example, a diff consisted of 25 files, and this was set to 10, then the files would be shortened into two pages.

    This defaults to 10.