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This documentation covers Review Board 2.5. You can see the latest Review Board documentation or all other versions.

General Settings

The General Settings page contains most of the settings you’ll want to change for a new site. It’s split up into the following sections:

Site Settings

In this section you’ll specify where the server lives (on the Internet and geographically) and administrator contacts.

The following settings can be configured:

  • Server:

    The URL of the site. This should include the http:// or https:// but should not contain the subdirectory Review Board is set up to use.

    This setting is required.

  • Media URL:

    The URL to the media files. This can point to a dedicated server, or it can be a path relative to installed Review Board site.

    This setting is optional, and if left blank, the default media path of /media/ is used.

  • Administrator Name:

    The full name of the primary administrator for this Review Board site.

    This setting is required.

  • Administrator E-Mail:

    The e-mail address of the primary administrator for this Review Board site.

    This setting is required.

  • Time Zone:

    The time zone where the server resides. All the timestamps shown for review requests will be based on this time zone.

    New review requests created in Review Board 1.7 or higher will have this timezone stored. Users will see the correct date and time in their own timezone.

Cache Settings

  • Cache Backend:

    The type of cache backend to use for your server.

    We strongly recommend using Memcached.

    Depending on the cache backend, other settings fields may be available.

    Available options are:

    • Memcached
    • File cache
  • Cache Hosts:

    The list of Memcached servers to use for all cache storage. More than one server can be listed by separating the servers with semicolons.

    Servers should be in hostname:port format.

    This is only shown if choosing “Memcached” as the cache backend.

  • Cache Path:

    The file path on the server where Review Board can cache data.

    This is only shown if choosing “File cache” as the cache backend.