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Extending the Web API

Each extension has a very basic API resource that clients can use to fetch details on the extension, such as the name, URLs, and whether it’s enabled.

Extensions can extend this to provide even more resources, which can be used to retrieve or modify any information the extension chooses. They do this by creating reviewboard.webapi.resources.WebAPIResource subclasses and listing an instance of each that you want as a child of the extension’s resource in resources attribute.

Resources are complex, but are explained in detail in the Djblets WebAPIResource code.

For example, a resource for creating and publishing a simplified review may look like:

from django.core.exceptions import ObjectDoesNotExist
from djblets.webapi.decorators import (webapi_login_required,
from djblets.webapi.errors import DOES_NOT_EXIST
from reviewboard.webapi.decorators import webapi_check_local_site
from reviewboard.reviews.models import Review
from reviewboard.webapi.resources import (WebAPIResource,

class SampleExtensionResource(WebAPIResource):
    """Resource for creating reviews"""
    name = 'sample_extension_review'
    uri_name = 'review'
    allowed_methods = ('POST',)

    def has_access_permissions(self, request, *args, **kwargs):
        return review_request.is_accessible_by(request.user)

            'review_request_id': {
                'type': int,
                'description': 'The ID of the review request',
    def create(self, request, review_request_id, *args, **kwargs):
            review_request = review_request_resource.get_object(
                request, review_request_id, *args, **kwargs)
        except ObjectDoesNotExist:
            return DOES_NOT_EXIST

        new_review = Review.objects.create(
            body_top='Sample review body')

        return 201, {
            self.item_result_key: new_review

sample_review_resource = SampleExtensionResource()

The extension would then make use of this with:

class SampleExtension(Extension):
    resources = [sample_review_resource]

With this, one would be able to POST to this resource to create reviews that contained the text “Sample review body”. This API endpoint would be registered at /api/extensions/sample_extension.extension.SampleExtension/reviews/.