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RB.ReviewDialogHook() is used to add additional fields or information to the top of the review dialog (aroud the Ship It! area). The hook is instantiated with a viewType option that expects a custom Backbone.js view class, which is your custom view for modifying the comment dialog.

The view should inherit from Backbone.View (or a subclass of this), and its model will be set to the RB.Review() model being modified. The view’s element will be added in-between the Ship It! checkbox and the review body field.

The view should not modify other fields for the comment.


var MyReviewDialogHookView = Backbone.View.extend({
    events: {
        'change input': '_onCheckboxToggled'

    render: function() {
        this.extraData = this.model.get('extraData')['my-extension-id'];
        this.$input = $('<input type="checkbox"/>')
            .prop('checked', extraData.myBool)

        return this;

    _onCheckboxToggled: function() {
        this.extraData.myBool = this.$input.prop('checked');

MyProject.Extension = RB.Extension.extend({
    initialize: function() {

        new RB.ReviewDialogHook({
            extension: this,
            viewType: MyReviewDialogHookView