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reviewboard.extensions.hooks.ReviewPublishedEmailHook allows extensions to modify the recipients of e-mails generated from review reply publishing activity.

ReviewReplyPublishedEmailHook requires one arguments for initialization: the extension instance.

ReviewReplyPublishedEmailHook should be sub-classed to provide the desired behaviour. The default behaviour of the get_to_field() and get_cc_field() methods is to return the field unmodified.


from reviewboard.extensions.base import Extension
from reviewboard.extensions.hooks import ReviewReplyPublishedEmailHook

class SampleEmailHook(ReviewReplyPublishedEmailHook):
    def get_to_field(self, to_field, reply, user, review, review_request):

    def get_cc_field(self, cc_field, reply, user, review, review_request):
        return set([])

class SampleExtension(Extension):
    def initialize(self):