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Creating and Editing Reviews

Creating Reviews

Adding comments on diffs or file attachments will immediately create a new review if one doesn’t already exist. Once a review is created, a review draft banner will show on the page.

Blank reviews can also be created without having to first add a comment. This can be useful if you have a generic comment about the change, rather than one specific to diffs or other files.

To create a new, blank review, click Review on the review request actions bar.

Editing Reviews

Clicking the Review button on the review request action bar, or clicking Edit Review on the review draft banner will display dialog showing your review.

In this dialog, you can add a summary for your review, approve it for shipping, and edit your existing comments.

The bottom of the dialog have the following buttons:

  • Publish Review
  • Discard Review
  • Cancel
  • Save

Clicking Publish Review will save any comments you have made on your review and immediately publish your review.

Clicking Discard Review will immediately discard your review.

Clicking Cancel will discard any new changes you’ve made in the dialog, but keep your review around if this wasn’t a new one.

Clicking Save will save any comments you have made on your review and close the dialog.