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This documentation covers Review Board 2.5. You can see the latest Review Board documentation or all other versions.

ClearCase Repositories


ClearCase support is community-driven. If you have improvements you want to see, or hit any problems, please discuss them on the community support list.

Review Board supports posting and reviewing code on ClearCase repositories. Each ClearCase VOB needs its own repository in Review Board.

To post changes for review, you will need to use RBTools. This will generate a diff suitable for posting to Review Board. See Using RBTools with ClearCase for more information.

Installing ClearCase Support

Before you add the repository, you will need to make sure the cleartool command from ClearCase client is in your system path (or in a place accessible by your web server’s process).

Adding the Repository

To configure a ClearCase repository, first proceed to add the repository and select ClearCase from the Repository type field.

You will see a Path field, which should contain the VOB path for your repository, representing either a snapshot or dynamic view. The VOB path must be an absolute path. On Windows, this must include the drive letter. On Linux/UNIX, this must include the full mount point.


  • /vobs/myrepo
  • C:\vobs\myrepo