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This documentation covers the in-development release of Review Board. You can see the latest stable docs or all previous versions.

Remote Repository Resource

Added in 2.5

Returns information on remote repositories on a hosting service.

This can be used to look up the information needed to connect to a remote repository or to add a repository to Review Board. Only remote repositories that are accessible to the linked hosting service account (i.e., that of the parent resource) will be provided by this resource.


Name remote_repository
URI /api/hosting-service-accounts/{account_id}/remote-repositories/{repository_id}/
Token Policy ID remote_repository
HTTP Methods
  • GET - Provides information on a particular remote repository.
Parent Resource Remote Repository List Resource
Child Resources None
Anonymous Access Yes, if anonymous site access is enabled


idString The unique ID for this repository on the hosting service.
mirror_pathString A secondary path that can be used to reach the repository.
nameString The name of the repository.
ownerString The owner of the repository, which may be a user account or an organization, depending on the service.
pathString The repository path as recommended by the hosting service.
scm_typeString The type of repository, mapping to registered SCMTools on Review Board.


Provides information on a particular remote repository.

If the remote repository exists and is accessible by the linked hosting service account (that of the parent resource), then the details of that repository will be returned in the payload.

The ID expected for the lookup in the URL is specific to the type of hosting service.


100 - Does Not ExistHTTP 404 - Not Found Object does not exist
101 - Permission DeniedHTTP 403 - Forbidden You don’t have permission for this
103 - Not Logged InHTTP 401 - Unauthorized You are not logged in
112 - OAuth2 Missing Scope ErrorHTTP 403 - Forbidden Your OAuth2 token lacks the necessary scopes for this request.
113 - OAuth2 Access Denied ErrorHTTP 403 - Forbidden OAuth2 token access for this resource is prohibited.