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This documentation covers the in-development release of Review Board. You can see the latest stable docs or all previous versions.

Hosting Service Resource

Added in 2.5

Provides information on registered hosting services.

Review Board has a list of supported remote hosting services for repositories and bug trackers. These hosting services contain the information needed for Review Board to link with any repositories hosted on that service and access content for display in the diff viewer.

This resource allows for querying that list and determining what capabilities of the hosting service can be used by Review Board.


Name hosting_service
URI /api/hosting-services/{hosting_service_id}/
Token Policy ID hosting_service
HTTP Methods
  • GET - Returns information on a particular hosting service.
Parent Resource Hosting Service List Resource
Child Resources None
Anonymous Access Yes, if anonymous site access is enabled


idString The hosting service’s unique ID.
nameString The name of the hosting service.
needs_authorizationBoolean Whether an account must be authorized and linked in order to use this service.

Information on account configuration plans supported by the hosting service. These correspond to the repository_plan field used when creating or updating a repository (see Repository List Resource). This is not used for all services.

Added in 3.0.19

self_hostedBoolean Whether the service is meant to be self-hosted in the network.
supported_scmtoolsList of String

The comprehensive list of repository types suppported by Review Board. Each of these is a registered SCMTool ID or human-readable name.

Some of these may not be supported by the service anymore. See visible_scmtools.

supports_bug_trackersBoolean Whether bug trackers are available.
supports_list_remote_repositoriesBoolean Whether remote repositories on the hosting service can be listed through the API.
supports_repositoriesBoolean Whether repository linking is supported.
supports_two_factor_authBoolean Whether two-factor authentication is supported when linking an account.
visible_scmtoolsList of String

The list of repository types that are shown by Review Board when configuring a new repository. Each of these is a registered SCMTool ID or human-readable name.

Added in 3.0.17


Returns information on a particular hosting service.

This will cover the capabilities of the hosting service, and information needed to help link repositories and bug trackers hosted on it.


100 - Does Not ExistHTTP 404 - Not Found Object does not exist
101 - Permission DeniedHTTP 403 - Forbidden You don’t have permission for this
103 - Not Logged InHTTP 401 - Unauthorized You are not logged in
112 - OAuth2 Missing Scope ErrorHTTP 403 - Forbidden Your OAuth2 token lacks the necessary scopes for this request.
113 - OAuth2 Access Denied ErrorHTTP 403 - Forbidden OAuth2 token access for this resource is prohibited.



$ curl http://reviews.example.com/apiassembla/ -H "Accept: application/json"
Vary: Accept, Cookie
ETag: de0fab32752ec06460a1c7c2c7e053823061ef61
Content-Type: application/vnd.reviewboard.org.hosting-service+json
X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff
  "hosting_service": {
    "id": "assembla", 
    "links": {
      "accounts": {
        "href": "http://reviews.example.com/api/hosting-service-accounts/?service=assembla", 
        "method": "GET"
      "repositories": {
        "href": "http://reviews.example.com/api/repositories/?hosting-service=assembla", 
        "method": "GET"
      "self": {
        "href": "http://reviews.example.com/api/hosting-services/assembla/", 
        "method": "GET"
    "name": "Assembla", 
    "needs_authorization": true, 
    "plans": {
      "": {
        "fields": {
          "assembla_project_id": {
            "help_text": "The project ID, as shown in the URL (https://www.assembla.com/spaces/<b>&lt;project_id&gt;</b>), or your Perforce repository's Depot Host.", 
            "name": "Project ID", 
            "required": true
        "name": "Default"
    "self_hosted": false, 
    "supported_scmtools": [
    "supports_bug_trackers": true, 
    "supports_list_remote_repositories": false, 
    "supports_repositories": true, 
    "supports_two_factor_auth": false, 
    "visible_scmtools": [
  "stat": "ok"