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This documentation covers the in-development release of Review Board. You can see the latest stable docs or all previous versions.


class RegistrationForm(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: djblets.recaptcha.mixins.RecaptchaFormMixin, reviewboard.accounts.mixins.PolicyConsentFormMixin, djblets.auth.forms.RegistrationForm

A registration form with reCAPTCHA support.

This is a version of the Djblets RegistrationForm which knows how to validate a reCAPTCHA widget. Any error received is stored in the form for use when generating the widget so that the widget can properly display the error.


Save the form.

declared_fields = {'email': <django.forms.fields.EmailField object>, 'first_name': <django.forms.fields.CharField object>, 'last_name': <django.forms.fields.CharField object>, 'password1': <django.forms.fields.CharField object>, 'password2': <django.forms.fields.CharField object>, 'username': <django.forms.fields.RegexField object>}[source]