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This documentation covers the in-development release of Review Board. You can see the stable Review Board documentation or all previous versions.

Web API Guide

Review Board provides a REST API that allows clients to look up information and perform operations on behalf of a user. This can be used by in-house scripts, third-party services, IDE plugins, and other tools to automate Review Board or to make use of its data in whole new ways.

This guide will cover how to use Review Board’s API and provide a full reference to all the API resources available.

Getting Started

Before you use the API, you’ll need to know some of the basic terminology and how requests/responses are handled.

API Bindings

When possible, we recommend using supported API bindings instead of talking to the API directly. This will help keep your code more manageable and leave bug fixes to someone else.

We provide the following bindings:

Working with Special Data

  • Rich text fields - Working with textual data (such as from review request fields) and how to convert to Markdown and HTML.

  • Extra data - Storing and retrieving custom extra data on resources that support it, for use in your client or extension.

Available Resources

There are a couple ways to look at the available list of resources available in Review Board.

Available Errors