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This documentation covers the in-development release of Review Board. You can see the latest stable docs or all previous versions.


Authentication backend registry.

class AuthBackendRegistry[source]

Bases: reviewboard.registries.registry.EntryPointRegistry

A registry for managing authentication backends.

entry_point = u'reviewboard.auth_backends'[source]
lookup_attrs = (u'backend_id',)[source]
errors = {u'already_registered': u'"%(item)r" is already a registered authentication backend.', u'load_entry_point': u'Error loading authentication backend %(entry_point)s: %(error)s', u'not_registered': u'No authentication backend registered with %(attr_name)s = %(attr_value)s.', u'unregister': u'"%(item)r is not a registered authentication backend.'}[source]

Load the class from the entry point.

If the class lacks a value for backend_id, it will be set as the entry point’s name.

Parameters:entry_point (pkg_resources.EntryPoint) – The entry point.
Returns:The BaseAuthBackend subclass.
Return type:type

Yield the authentication backends.

This will make sure the standard authentication backend is always registered and returned first.

Yields:type – The BaseAuthBackend subclasses.

Unregister the requested authentication backend.

Parameters:backend_class (type) – The class of the backend to unregister. This must be a subclass of BaseAuthBackend.
Raises:djblets.registries.errors.ItemLookupError – Raised when the class cannot be found.

Return the requested authentication backend, if it exists.

Parameters:auth_backend_id (unicode) – The unique ID of the BaseAuthBackend class.
Returns:The BaseAuthBackend subclass, or None if it is not registered.
Return type:type

Return all authentication backends being used by Review Board.

The returned list contains every authentication backend that Review Board will try, in order.

Returns:The list of registered BaseAuthBackend subclasses.
Return type:list of type
auth_backends = <reviewboard.accounts.backends.registry.AuthBackendRegistry object>[source]

Registry instance for working with available authentication backends.