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This documentation covers the in-development release of Review Board. You can see the latest stable docs or all previous versions.



Return a human-readable key as a series of hex characters.

Each byte of the key will be converted into a 2-byte hex representation in the form of XX:XX:XX:XX....

Parameters:key (paramiko.PKey) – The key to humanize.
Returns:The human-readable key.
Return type:unicode

Returns whether or not a URL represents an SSH connection.

check_host(netloc, username=None, password=None, namespace=None)[source]

Checks if we can connect to a host with a known key.

This will raise an exception if we cannot connect to the host. The exception will be one of BadHostKeyError, UnknownHostKeyError, or SCMError.


Register rbssh in an environment variable.

This is a convenience method for making sure that rbssh is set properly in the environment for different tools. In some cases, we need to specifically place it in the system environment using os.putenv, while in others (Mercurial, Bazaar), we need to place it in os.environ.

Parameters:envvar (unicode or bytes) – The name of the environment variable.