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This documentation covers the in-development release of Review Board. You can see the latest stable docs or all previous versions.


Integrations support for Review Board.

This module provides the Review Board functionality needed to create integrations for third-party services. It builds upon Djblets’s integrations foundation, offering some additional utilities for more easily creating manageable integrations.

The functions and classes used in this module are deprecated. Consumers should use the versions in reviewboard.integrations.base instead.


Return the integrations manager.

Deprecated since version 4.0: This has been deprecated in favor of reviewboard.integrations.base.get_integration_manager().

Returns:The Review Board integrations manager.
Return type:djblets.integrations.manager.IntegrationManager
class Integration[source]

Bases: object

Base class for an integration.

Deprecated since version 4.0: Subclasses should inherit from reviewboard.integrations.base.Integration instead.