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reviewboard.extensions.hooks.ReviewRequestFieldsHook allows extensions to add new fields to a review request. These fields will act like any other field on a review request.

See Adding Review Request Fields for a thorough guide on adding new fields.

When registering one or more fields through the hook, a fieldset ID must be specified. This can be a custom fieldset registered by the extension, or it can be one of the built-in fieldsets:

  • main - The main fieldset containing Description and Testing Done.

  • info - The Information fieldset on the side.

  • reviewers - The Reviewers fieldset on the side.

Field IDs must be unique, and a field cannot be added to more than one fieldset. It is best to choose a field ID that contains some sort of extension-specific information, such as the vendor or the extension ID.


from reviewboard.extensions.base import Extension
from reviewboard.extensions.hooks import ReviewRequestFieldsHook
from reviewboard.reviews.fields import BaseEditableField, BaseTextAreaField

class MilestoneField(BaseEditableField):
    field_id = 'myvendor_milestone'
    label = 'Milestone'

class NotesField(BaseTextAreaField):
    field_id = 'myvendor_notes'
    label = 'Notes'

class SampleExtension(Extension):
    def initialize(self):
        ReviewRequestFieldsHook(self, 'info', [MilestoneField])
        ReviewRequestFieldsHook(self, 'main', [NotesField])