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New in version 4.0.5.

This feature is experimental.

To use your hook, you will need to enable this feature for your server. You can set this in your conf/settings_local.py file:

    'reviews.diff_acls': True,

This feature will be enabled by default in Review Board 5.0.

reviewboard.extensions.hooks.FileDiffACLHook allows extensions to implement access controls for files in repositories. This is provided as an extension hook due to the wide variety of ways in which Review Board can be deployed (for example, it’s not uncommon for repository usernames to be different from Review Board usernames, especially when hosting services are involved).

This is done by subclassing the FileDiffACLHook and implementing the is_accessible() method. This method will be called for each DiffSet. The implementation of the hook should check access for each of the files in the diffset.

The hook is expected to return:

  • True if the user does have access to all the files.

  • False if the user does not have access to one or more files.

  • None if the hook did not check the diff (for example, it might only check a single SCM or hosting service type, and ignore any others)

If any hook returns False, the user will not have access to the diff.


import logging

from reviewboard.extensions.base import Extension
from reviewboard.extensions.hooks import FileDiffACLHook

logger = logging.getLogger(__file__)

class PerforceACLHook(FileDiffACLHook):
    """Hook for checking access for Perforce repositories."""

    def is_accessible(self, diffset, user, **kwargs):
        tool = diffset.repository.get_scmtool()

        # Allow normal access controls for non-Perforce repositories.
        if tool.scmtool_id != 'perforce':
            return None

        client = tool.client

        with client.run_worker():
            for filediff in diffset.files.all():
                    # This assumes that the Perforce username matches the
                    # Review Board username.
                    protects = client.p4.run_protects(
                        '-M', '-u', user.username, filediff.source_file)[0]

                    if protects['permMax'] not in ('read', 'open', 'write',
                                                   'admin', 'super',
                        return False
                except Exception as e:
                    logger.warning('Failed to get p4 protects information for '
                                   'file %s on server %s for user %s: %s',
                                   filediff.source_file, diffset.repository.name,
                                   user.username, e, exc_info=True)

        return True

class SampleExtension(Extension):
    def initialize(self):