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Server information and capability registration for the API.


Return server information for use in the API.

This is used for the root resource and for the deprecated server info resource.

Parameters:request (django.http.HttpRequest, optional) – The HTTP request from the client.
Returns:A dictionary of information about the server and its capabilities.
Return type:dict

Return the capabilities made available in the API.

Parameters:request (django.http.HttpRequest, optional) – The http request from the client.
Returns:The dictionary of capabilities.
Return type:dict

Return the capabilities gated behind enabled features.


request (django.http.HttpRequest, optional) – The HTTP request from the client.


tuple – A 3-tuple of the following:

  • The category of the capability (unicode).
  • The capability name (unicode).
  • Whether or not the capability is enabled (bool).
register_webapi_capabilities(capabilities_id, caps)[source]

Register a set of web API capabilities.

These capabilities will appear in the dictionary of available capabilities with the ID as their key.

A capabilities_id attribute passed in, and can only be registerd once. A KeyError will be thrown if attempting to register a second time.

  • capabilities_id (unicode) – A unique ID representing this collection of capabilities. This can only be used once until unregistered.
  • caps (dict) – The dictionary of capabilities to register. Each key msut be a string, and each value should be a boolean or a dictionary of string keys to booleans.

KeyError – The capabilities ID has already been used.


Unregister a previously registered set of web API capabilities.

Parameters:capabilities_id (unicode) – The unique ID representing a registered collection of capabilities.
Raises:KeyError – A set of capabilities matching the ID were not found.