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Installing Development Releases

When following the standard installation instructions, you will install the latest stable release of Review Board, but if you prefer living on the edge or helping out with testing, you can install in-development alpha/beta/RC releases.


If you install an in-development build, you may not be able to downgrade back to a stable build due to changes to the database schema.

Be careful when running development builds on production servers, and always keep back-ups of your database.

Installing In-Development Releases

In-development releases can be found in directories matching the format PackageName/majorVer.minorVer on the download server in the releases directory.

To install a build from one of these directories, you’ll need to tell pip to trust (--trusted-host) our downloads server, to find links (-f) there, and to install pre-release builds (-pre). For example:

$ pip --trusted-host downloads.reviewboard.org \
      -f https://downloads.reviewboard.org/releases/ReviewBoard/X.Y/ \
      --pre -U ReviewBoard

Replace X.Y with the desired version series. Any new pre-release versions found there will be installed.


Often, pre-release builds will require pre-releases of other packages, such as rbintegrations. Always check the release notes for the version you want to install for the most up-to-date instructions.