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Middleware for Local Sites.

class LocalSiteMiddleware[source]

Middleware that handles storing information on the Local Site in use.

This adds a new local_site attribute to the HttpRequest that, when first accessed, will fetch and cache the matching LocalSite. If there’s no Local Site for this given request, this will store None instead.

process_view(request, view_func, view_args, view_kwargs)[source]

Process the request before calling the view.

This sets up a local_site attribute on the request to fetch the LocalSite used for this view, if any. This is based on the local_site_name key in view_kwargs.

  • request (django.http.HttpRequest) – The HTTP request from the client.

  • view_func (callable) – The view being called. This is unused.

  • view_args (tuple) – The positional arguments passed to the view. This is unused.

  • view_kwargs (dict) – The keyword arguments passed to the view.