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Forwarding imports and legacy utilities for authentication backends.

This module provides legacy functionality for registering authentication backends, along with forwarding imports for:

ActiveDirectoryBackend Authenticate a user against an Active Directory server.
BaseAuthBackend Base class for a Review Board authentication backend.
HTTPDigestBackend Authenticate against a user in a digest password file.
LDAPBackend Authentication backend for LDAP servers.
NISBackend Authenticate against a user on an NIS server.
AuthBackendRegistry A registry for managing authentication backends.
auth_backends Registry instance for working with available authentication backends.
get_enabled_auth_backends Return all authentication backends being used by Review Board.
StandardAuthBackend Authenticate users against the local database.
X509Backend Authenticate a user from a X.509 client certificate.

Changed in version 3.0: The contents of this module were split into sub-modules.


alias of reviewboard.accounts.backends.base.BaseAuthBackend