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reviewboard.extensions.hooks.APIExtraDataAccessHook is used when an extension wants to give an extra_data field certain accessibility rules by registering an access state to a given key. The access states are:


The extra data key can be retrieved and updated via the API.


The extra data key can only be retrieved via the API. It cannot be updated.


The extra data key can neither be retrieved nor updated via the API.

Extensions wishing to use this functionality must provide:

  1. The resource they wish to hook into

  2. A mapping of each path (as a tuple of keys) to the desired access state

For example, consider the following extra_data object:

extra_data = {
    'pgp': {
        'public_key': 'my public key',
        'private_key': 'my private key',

In this case, to make the private_key field private, you could instantiate the hook like:

        (('pgp', 'private_key'), ExtraDataAccessLevel.ACCESS_STATE_PRIVATE),

The APIExtraDataAccessHook.get_extra_data_state method can also be overridden to provide more complex behaviour in determining the access level of an extra data key. An example follows:


from reviewboard.extensions.base import Extension
from reviewboard.extensions.hooks import APIExtraDataAccessHook
from reviewboard.webapi.base import ExtraDataAccessLevel
from reviewboard.webapi.resources import resources

class CustomAccessHook(APIExtraDataAccessHook):
    """An extra data access hook that defaults to private.

    All extra_data keys on associated resources will be marked as private
    (and therefore not returned by the API) unless specified otherwise.

    def get_extra_data_state(self, key_path):
        return (
            super(CustomAccessHook, self).get_extra_data_state(key_path) or

class SampleExtension(Extension):
    def initialize(self):
        # Imagine a review request with an extra_data like this:
        # review_request.extra_data = {
        #     'public': 'foo',
        #     'private': 'secret',
        #     'readonly': 'bar',
        # }

        access_hook = CustomAccessHook(
                ('public',): ExtraDataAccessLevel.ACCESS_STATE_PUBLIC,
                ('readonly',): ExtraDataAccessLevel.ACCESS_STATE_PUBLIC_READONLY,