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exception SSHError[source]

An SSH-related error.

exception MakeSSHDirError(dirname)[source]
exception SSHAuthenticationError(allowed_types=[], msg=None, user_key=None)[source]

An error representing a failed authentication over SSH.

This takes a list of SSH authentication types that are allowed. Primarily, we respond to “password” and “publickey”.

This may also take the user’s SSH key that was tried, if any.

exception UnsupportedSSHKeyError[source]

An error representing an unsupported type of SSH key.

exception SSHKeyError(hostname, key, message)[source]

An error involving a host key on an SSH connection.

exception BadHostKeyError(hostname, key, expected_key)[source]

An error representing a bad or malicious key for an SSH connection.

exception UnknownHostKeyError(hostname, key)[source]

An error representing an unknown host key for an SSH connection.

exception SSHInvalidPortError(port)[source]

An error representing a port that is a non-integer value.