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class InitReviewBoardMiddleware(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Handle the initialization of Review Board.


Ensure that Review Board initialization code has run.

class LoadSettingsMiddleware[source]

Middleware that loads the settings on each request.


Ensure that the latest siteconfig is loaded.

class CheckUpdatesRequiredMiddleware[source]

Middleware that checks if manual updates need to be done.

If updates are required, all attempts to access a URL will be redirected to the updates page (or an appropriate error response for API calls).

process_view(request, view_func, view_args, view_kwargs)[source]

Check whether updates are required.

This returns the appropriate response if any updates are required, otherwise it allows the normal code to run.

class ExtraExceptionInfoMiddleware[source]

Add extra debugging information to exception e-mails.

If an exception occurs, the META field will be updated to contain the username and e-mail address of the user who triggered the error (if any), and the Local Site name (if any).

process_exception(request, exception)[source]

Process an exception.

Exceptions from views are handled by sending the admin users an e-mail with the traceback. This adds additional information to the META dictionary before that happens.