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The General Data Protection Regulation, a regulation from the European Union that guarantees residents a set of rights to know and control how their personal data (PII) is being used.

This affects developers around the world who provide services to EU residents. Learn more.

Personally Identifiable Information

Information that can, by itself or in combination with other data, be used to identify an individual person.

Examples would include a username, e-mail address, full name, or even a pseudonymized hash of an e-mail address.


A method of taking identifying information about a person and replacing it with data that does not directly identify the person by itself, but can still be used to identify that person in combination with other data.

An example would be a SHA256 hash of an e-mail address (which hides the e-mail address but can still be used to match the person by comparing to another hash of that same e-mail address).