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This documentation covers Review Board 1.5. You can see the latest Review Board documentation or all other versions.


context diff

A type of diff file that represents changes to a file using before/after sections. These are not well supported by Review Board.

Context diffs indicate a changed region of a file by showing before and after versions of a group of lines. The changed lines in that before and after region are indicated by beginning the lines with an exclamation point (!). Changes that only add lines only show one section.

diff file
A file representing changes to one or more files. Common diff formats are unified diffs and context diffs.
An interdiff is a diff between diffs. They show what has changed between two versions of a diff, which is useful when making incremental changes to a very large diff.
post-commit hook
A script that is executed after a commit is made to a repository. See Automating post-review for ways to use post-commit hooks to automate submitting review requests to Review Board.
post-commit review
A form of code review where code is reviewed after it is submitted to a repository, usually in a development branch.
pre-commit review
A form of code review where code is reviewed before it even goes into a repository. This is generally a more strict way to handle code review, which can lead to fewer problems in the codebase.
unified diff

A type of diff file designed to be easy to parse and easy to read by humans. This is the format supported by Review Board.

Unified diffs indicate the changed region of a file by showing some unchanged lines of context, then lines beginning with a minus sign (-) to show removed lines or a plus sign (+) to show added lines. Replaced lines are shown by a remove line followed by an add line.