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Editing and Publishing ReviewsΒΆ

After you have commented on any parts of a review request (specifically a diff or a screenshot), a green review draft banner will appear docked to the top of any page related to that review request. This banner gives you the ability to edit, publish, or discard the review request.

Clicking the Review button on the review request action bar, or clicking Edit Review on the review draft banner will pop open a form for seeing and modifying your current review.

Here you can add some text above or below the comments or modify the text of existing comments. When done, you can either publish the review (along with any changes made), or you can just save the changes by clicking Save.

To publish the review, click Publish Review on the review form or Publish on the review banner.

Likewise, you can discard the review, deleting all comments permanently, by clicking the Discard Review button on the review form or Discard on the review banner.

Published reviews will appear on the review request page, where they can be read and commented on.