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Depending on your Review Board server setup, you may have the ability to search through review requests. If enabled, you should see a search bar on the right of the navigation banner.

The search functionality allows you to search for text matching part of the review request, files modified, and other information.

Query Syntax

There are a variety of ways to combine terms in the search field. By default, the search results will be an “OR” of any words entered in the box. This means searching for window javascript will give pages that have either of those words in them.

In order to narrow down your results, there are a few useful operators you can use.

  • AND:

    This operator will change the relationship from “OR” to “AND”. This will make it so search results will contain all of the words instead of any. Searching for window AND javascript will yield only review requests that contain both of those words.

  • NOT:

    This works a lot like AND, except it will filter out results containing the NOT term. For example, window NOT javascript will return matches that have “window” but not “javascript”.

  • Phrase:

    Sticking something in double-quotes will search for the exact phrase instead of splitting it up into terms.

There are a number of other operators you can use to tweak the results. For a full explanation of the Lucene query syntax (including a couple features not mentioned here), see Lucene Query Parser Syntax.


In addition to searching the full text of a review request, you can search individual fields for better results. To search for a term inside a specific field, prefix that term with field:, where field is one of the below:

  • summary:

    This field searches only the summary. summary: window will match requests with window in the summary only.

  • author and username:

    These two fields search the review request poster. author will search both the username and full name, whereas username is just the username.

  • bug:

    This field searches by bug identifier. Searching for bug:83724 will find any review requests which address that bug.

  • file:

    This field indexes filenames in the diff. Searching for file:frob.c will yield any review requests which altered that file.

These fields can be combined like any other terms. Searches like file:frob.c AND author:Jim can make it easy to quickly find old review requests.

What Gets Indexed

At the moment, this indexes the full text of review requests, and file lists in diffs. The reviews added by others are not yet part of this, but should be coming soon.