Announcing Power Pack 1.3 for Review Board, with TFS Git support

Power Pack 1.3 is out, and builds upon the recently-introduced integration with Microsoft Team Foundation Server by adding support for TFS Git repositories.

You can now add a TFS Git repository to Review Board simply by configuring a new repository, selecting "Team Foundation Server (git)", and entering your repository's clone URL. Seconds later, your team can begin posting changes using RBTools.

This release also contains a variety of bug fixes for licensing and for reviewing PDF documents. Highly recommended for all existing Power Pack users.

As a reminder, Power Pack is now free for up to 2 users. Get started with a 30 day trial license, and after 30 days, Power Pack will continue to work for any two users you choose.

See our installation guide for instructions on installing or upgrading Power Pack, and our release notes for more information on 1.3.

Review Board 2.5 beta 1 is a go!

For many months now, we've been hard at work on a new, major release of Review Board: Version 2.5. Finally, we're ready to share the first beta so you can break it play with it!

There's so much in here that I can't cover it all, so I've chosen a few of my favorite additions to talk about.

  • Expandable diffs in reviews

    When reading through a reviewer's comments on your code, sometimes it's just not clear what they're commenting on until you open the diff viewer. We've fixed that. Now, simply hover over the diff, and the familiar controls for expanding the diff will appear. You can now see more of the diff without switching pages.

  • Replace old file attachments and view their diffs

    File attachments on a review request can now be replaced with a new version of the file. You won't have to delete the old ones anymore.

    We also keep a history of each revision of the file, and allow you to see a diff between them. This works for both text files and images.

  • Image diffs for file attachments

    As I just pointed out, you can now view diffs between images uploaded to a review request. We have multiple ways available to see what changed in an image. Very handy for new artwork for a product.

  • Improved Review Dialog

    The Review Dialog is now instant-apply, meaning that when you make changes to a comment, you don't have to click Save to send those changes to the server. This is a life-saver when you're working on a large review and your computer crashes.

    It also now shows you how your Markdown text will look, so it's not a surprise when you publish your review.

  • Better bug tracker integration

    If you use JIRA, GitHub, or modern versions of Bugzilla for your bug tracking, we'll now show you the bug summary, status, and description when hovering over the bug number. You may need to reconfigure your repositories to enable this.

    This is the beginning of some deeper integration we have planned for bug tracking. Future releases will expand on this even further.

  • Webhooks

    Administrators can set up webhooks to notify other services when something interesting happens on Review Board. This currently includes publishing, closing, or reopening review requests, publishing reviews, and replying to reviews.

    Webhooks can be tied to review requests on specific repositories, or they can cover all repositories, or cover review requests not associated with repositories.

    A webhook will send a JSON payload similar to that of an API respons. If you have a service you're integrating with, and need a specific format for the payload, you can use a built-in templating language to structure your payload however you like.

  • API Tokens

    Scripts or services that talk to Review Board no longer need your username and password to use the API. Instead, you can now create multiple API tokens for this purpose. API tokens are a secure way of authenticating with the web API without needing your credentials, and they can be revoked at any time.

    Scripts or services using API tokens can also be restricted to performing specific operations on specific parts of the API, letting you keep things nice and secure.

  • Performance improvements for RBTools and the web UI

    Our API now allows clients to request only the data they need when making API calls. The result is that both RBTools (0.7 and higher) and the web UI are now much more efficient when communicating with Review Board.

  • Smaller database sizes

    We've changed how we're storing diffs, and the end result is a substantial reduction in our database storage needs (as much as 80%, from our tests). If you re-run condensediffs, or when viewing older diffs, we'll squash down those older diffs into a much smaller, more tightly-packed version. In the long-run, this means faster upgrades and backups.

There's quite a lot more in this release. Check out the release notes for the complete list of changes in beta 1.

To install this release, run:

$ sudo easy_install \
    -f \
    -U ReviewBoard

We don't recommend using this release for production purposes just yet, or against a production database, but please try it out and let us know how it works for you!

Review Board 2.0.15 is out, with improved search!

It may have only been a week since we released 2.0.14, but we just couldn't wait any longer. We're pretty excited about 2.0.15 for a couple of reasons.

First, many of you have encountered an annoying little bug where the review request counts in the dashboard would be out of sync with reality, occasionally dipping into the negatives. We've finally tracked this down, and can now say it's fixed. All you need to do is upgrade to 2.0.15 and you're set.

Second, we've massively improved searching for review requests. We've overhauled the look, usability, performance, and ordering of the search results. The results now include any matching user accounts (with some handy links) and private review requests (if the searcher's on the access lists for them). Results can be filtered to show only users or review requests.

If you're making use of Local Sites, you'll find search now works there as well. That means search is coming to RBCommons!

Please note that you'll need to do a full rebuild of your search index after upgrading to 2.0.15.

There's a handful of other bug fixes in this release as well.

See the release notes for the full list of changes in 2.0.15.

Review Board 2.0.14 is out!

We've been busy squashing Review Board bugs left and right, all in preparation for Review Board 2.0.14, which is out... now.

There are a bunch of bugs fixed throughout the diff viewer, making the experience of viewing diffs a bit better. We've also fixed some major API caching issues from 2.0.13 that manifested in different ways (so if you're running that release, definitely upgrade).

Review Board 2.0.14 was designed to work with the newly-released RBTools 0.7.2. With their powers combined, you'll have a faster, more reliable experience with many of the RBTools commands, and when coding against the RBTools API.

This release depends on Django 1.6.10, which includes a number of security improvements you probably want. A good reason to upgrade by itself.

There are lots of other fixes and improvements in this release. See the release notes for the full list.

RBTools 0.7.2 is here!

It's been just over a month since RBTools 0.7.1 arrived at stores near you (or probably not). That's a whole month spent not upgrading RBTools, and we can't have that. Plus, there were some good bug fixes and new commands we thought we'd send your way. So let's not waste any more time. Here's what's in today's release of RBTools 0.7.2.

First and foremost, Bitbucket/Beanstalk/Unfuddle fixes. We've heard reports from users that posting changes against their Git repositories hosted on these services that just resulted in failure, so we've gone ahead and fixed that all up.

We've also fixed up some API caching brokenness when running against Review Board 2.0.13 and older. If you've ever tried to land a change clearly marked Ship It!, with an error saying it's not marked Ship It!, then you were hit by this bug.

(Oh, we had to disable some optimizations when running against 2.0.13 and older. You'll probably want to upgrade to the soon-to-be-released Review Board 2.0.14 as soon as you can.)

There are also two new RBTools commands for you to play with:

  • rbt login will log into a Review Board server and store the cookie. rbt post and other commands will still do that, but it's sometimes handy to have new users log in once in order to ensure they're all set up properly.
  • rbt logout will log you out of your API session on Review Board, and delete the cookie.

For the full list of changes, see our release notes.