We've been busy squashing Review Board bugs left and right, all in preparation for Review Board 2.0.14, which is out... now.

There are a bunch of bugs fixed throughout the diff viewer, making the experience of viewing diffs a bit better. We've also fixed some major API caching issues from 2.0.13 that manifested in different ways (so if you're running that release, definitely upgrade).

Review Board 2.0.14 was designed to work with the newly-released RBTools 0.7.2. With their powers combined, you'll have a faster, more reliable experience with many of the RBTools commands, and when coding against the RBTools API.

This release depends on Django 1.6.10, which includes a number of security improvements you probably want. A good reason to upgrade by itself.

There are lots of other fixes and improvements in this release. See the release notes for the full list.