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Internal support for handling deprecations in Review Board.

The version-specific objects in this module are not considered stable between releases, and may be removed at any point. The base objects are considered stable.

exception BaseRemovedInReviewBoardVersionWarning[source]

Bases: exceptions.DeprecationWarning

Base class for a Review Board deprecation warning.

All version-specific deprecation warnings inherit from this, allowing callers to check for Review Board deprecations without being tied to a specific version.

exception RemovedInReviewBoard40Warning[source]

Bases: reviewboard.deprecation.BaseRemovedInReviewBoardVersionWarning

Deprecations for features removed in Review Board 4.0.

Note that this class will itself be removed in Review Board 4.0. If you need to check against Review Board deprecation warnings, please see BaseRemovedInReviewBoardVersionWarning. Alternatively, you can use the alias for this class, RemovedInNextReviewBoardVersionWarning.


An alias for the next release of Djblets where features would be removed.

alias of reviewboard.deprecation.RemovedInReviewBoard40Warning