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Forwarding imports and legacy utilities for authentication backends.

This module provides legacy functionality for registering authentication backends, along with forwarding imports for:

ActiveDirectoryBackend Authenticate a user against an Active Directory server.
BaseAuthBackend Base class for a Review Board authentication backend.
HTTPDigestBackend Authenticate against a user in a digest password file.
LDAPBackend Authentication backend for LDAP servers.
NISBackend Authenticate against a user on an NIS server.
AuthBackendRegistry A registry for managing authentication backends.
auth_backends Registry instance for working with available authentication backends.
get_enabled_auth_backends Return all authentication backends being used by Review Board.
StandardAuthBackend Authenticate users against the local database.
X509Backend Authenticate a user from a X.509 client certificate.

Changed in version 3.0: The contents of this module were split into sub-modules.


alias of reviewboard.accounts.backends.base.BaseAuthBackend


Yield all registered Review Board authentication backends.

This will return all backends provided both by Review Board and by third parties that have properly registered with the reviewboard.auth_backends entry point.

Deprecated since version 3.0: Iterate over auth_backends instead.

Yields:type – The BaseAuthBackend subclasses.

Return the authentication backend with the specified ID.

Deprecated since version 3.0: Use auth_backends.get_auth_backend() instead.

Parameters:backend_id (unicode) – The ID of the backend to retrieve.
Returns:The authentication backend, or None if it could not be found.
Return type:reviewboard.accounts.backends.base.BaseAuthBackend

Register an authentication backend.

This backend will appear in the list of available backends. The backend class must have a backend_id attribute set, and can only be registered once.

Deprecated since version 3.0: Use auth_backends.register() instead.

Parameters:backend_cls (type) – The subclass of BaseAuthBackend to register.
Raises:KeyError – A backend already exists with this ID.

Unregister a previously registered authentication backend.

Deprecated since version 3.0: Use auth_backends.unregister() instead.

Parameters:backend_cls (type) – The subclass of BaseAuthBackend to unregister.