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Compatibility module for management commands.

class OptionParserWrapper(parser)[source]

Bases: object

Compatibility wrapper for OptionParser.

This exports a more modern ArgumentParser-based API for OptionParser, for use when adding arguments in management commands. This only contains a subset of the functionality of ArgumentParser.


Initialize the wrapper.

Parameters:parser (optparse.OptionParser) – The option parser.
add_argument(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Add an argument to the parser.

This is a simple wrapper that provides compatibility with most of argparse.ArgumentParser.add_argument(). It supports the types that optparse.OptionParser.add_option() supports (though those types should be passed as the primitive types and not as the string names).

class BaseCommand[source]

Bases: django.core.management.base.BaseCommand

Base command compatible with a range of Django versions.

This is a version of django.core.management.base.BaseCommand that supports the modern way of adding arguments while retaining compatibility with older versions of Django. See the parent class’s documentation for details on usage.

create_parser(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Return an attribute from the command.

If the attribute name is “option_list”, some special work will be done to ensure we’re returning a valid list that the caller can work with, even if the options were created in add_arguments().

Parameters:name (unicode) – The attribute name.
Returns:The attribute value.
Return type:object