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Module and Class References

Top-Level Modules

djblets.deprecation Internal support for handling deprecations in Djblets.


djblets.auth.forms Common forms for authentication tasks.
djblets.auth.ratelimit Utilities for rate-limiting login attempts.
djblets.auth.signals Authentication-related signals.
djblets.auth.util Basic utility functions for authentication.
djblets.auth.views Authentication-related views.


djblets.avatars.errors Avatar-specific errors.
djblets.avatars.forms Forms for Djblets’ avatar support.
djblets.avatars.registry A registry for managing avatar services.
djblets.avatars.services Djblets Avatar Services.
djblets.avatars.services.base The base avatar service class implementation.
djblets.avatars.services.fallback An avatar service used as a fallback to show something basic for a user.
djblets.avatars.services.file_upload An avatar service for providing uploaded images.
djblets.avatars.services.gravatar An avatar service for providing Gravatars.
djblets.avatars.services.url An avatar service for setting absolute URLs for avatars.
djblets.avatars.settings Settings managers for avatar service registries.


djblets.cache.backend Utility functions for working with memory caching backends.
djblets.cache.backend_compat Compatibility functions for older Django cache backend configuration.
djblets.cache.context_processors Context processors for serial numbers used for front-end caching.
djblets.cache.forwarding_backend A cache backend that forwards to other dynamically-configured backends.
djblets.cache.serials Serial numbers used for front-end and back-end caching keys/URLs.


djblets.conditions Condition rule support for applications.
djblets.conditions.choices Base support and standard choices for conditions.
djblets.conditions.conditions Conditions and sets of conditions.
djblets.conditions.errors Error classes for conditions.
djblets.conditions.operators Base support and standard operators for condition choices.
djblets.conditions.values Base support and standard value field wrappers for conditions.

Config Forms

djblets.configforms.forms Base support for configuration forms.
djblets.configforms.mixins Utility mixins for configuration forms.
djblets.configforms.pages Base support for configuration pages.
djblets.configforms.registry A registry for configuration forms and pages.
djblets.configforms.views Standard views for displaying and interacting with configuration forms.


djblets.datagrid.grids Components for creating customizable datagrids from database data.

Database Utilities

djblets.db.backends.mysql.base Database backend for MySQL with backported fixes.
djblets.db.fields Specialized database fields.
djblets.db.fields.base64_field Field for storing data as Base64-encoded values.
djblets.db.fields.counter_field Field for atomically incrementing and decrementing counters in models.
djblets.db.fields.modification_timestamp_field Field for managing modification timestamps for a model.

Feature Checks

djblets.features Feature switch support for applications.
djblets.features.decorators Feature-related decorators.
djblets.features.errors Error classes for features.
djblets.features.registry Registry for managing feature registrations.
djblets.features.testing Helpers for unit tests working with features.
djblets.features.templatetags.features Template tags for working with features.

Form Utilities

djblets.forms.fields Additional fields for Django forms.
djblets.forms.fieldsets Utilities related to django.contrib.admin fieldsets.
djblets.forms.forms Specialized forms provided by Djblets.
djblets.forms.forms.key_value_form A form for working with key/value stores.
djblets.forms.widgets Custom widgets for Django form fields.


djblets.integrations.errors Exceptions for integrations.
djblets.integrations.hooks Extension hooks for registering integrations.
djblets.integrations.integration Base support for creating service integrations.
djblets.integrations.manager A manager for tracking and working with integrations.
djblets.integrations.models Database models for integration configuration.
djblets.integrations.templatetags.integrations Integrations template tags.

Log Handlers and Viewer

djblets.log Logging support.
djblets.log.middleware Middleware used for logging.

Mail Sending

djblets.mail.dmarc Functions for looking up DMARC entries in DNS.
djblets.mail.message E-mail message composition and sending.
djblets.mail.testing Testing utilities for mail-related unit tests.
djblets.mail.utils General utility functions for working with e-mail.

Markdown Utilities and Extensions

djblets.markdown.extensions.escape_html Markdown extension to safely escape HTML content.
djblets.markdown.extensions.wysiwyg Markdown extension to render content similar to the source.
djblets.markdown.extensions.wysiwyg_email Markdown extension to render content similar to the source in e-mails.

Django Pipeline Additions

djblets.pipeline.compilers.es6.ES6Compiler(…) An ES6 Compiler which compiles .es6.js to .js.
djblets.pipeline.compilers.less.LessCompiler(…) A LESS compiler which doesn’t redirect the output.

Privacy Protection

djblets.privacy.consent Support for tracking and looking up user consent for privacy rights.
djblets.privacy.consent.base Base support for consent types, data, and requirements.
djblets.privacy.consent.common Common consent requirements for use in applications.
djblets.privacy.consent.errors Error classes for user consents.
djblets.privacy.consent.forms Forms, fields, and widgets for gathering and displaying consent.
djblets.privacy.consent.hooks Extension hooks for consent requirements.
djblets.privacy.consent.registry Registry for things that require consent from a user.
djblets.privacy.consent.tracker Consent tracking and storage capabilities.
djblets.privacy.models Database models for privacy-related data storage.
djblets.privacy.pii Functions for safeguarding personally identifiable information.
djblets.privacy.templatetags.djblets_privacy Privacy-related template tags.


djblets.registries.errors Exception classes for dealing with Djblets registries.
djblets.registries.mixins Utility mixins for registries.
djblets.registries.registry Djblets registries.
djblets.registries.signals Signals for being notified on registry operations.

Site Configuration

djblets.siteconfig.admin Administration UI registrations for site configurations.
djblets.siteconfig.context_processors Template context processors for SiteConfiguration information.
djblets.siteconfig.django_settings Utilities for going between SiteConfiguration and Django settings.
djblets.siteconfig.forms A base form for working with settings stored on SiteConfigurations.
djblets.siteconfig.managers Model and cache management for SiteConfiguration.
djblets.siteconfig.middleware Middleware for managing site configurations.
djblets.siteconfig.models Database models for storing site configuration.
djblets.siteconfig.views Views for working with site configurations.

Template Utilities

djblets.template.caches Utility functions for working with template-related caches.
djblets.template.context Utility functions for working with template contexts.

View Helpers

djblets.views.generic.base Base classes and mixins for new class-based generic views.
djblets.views.generic.etag Mixin for class-based views that support ETags.


djblets.webapi.auth Deprecated module for authentication-related functions and classes.
djblets.webapi.auth.backends Base support for managing API authentication backends.
djblets.webapi.auth.backends.api_tokens Authentication support for using API tokens.
djblets.webapi.auth.backends.base The base class for an API authentication backend.
djblets.webapi.auth.backends.basic An authentication backend for HTTP Basic Auth.
djblets.webapi.auth.backends.oauth2_tokens Web API support for OAuth2 authentication.
djblets.webapi.auth.views Deprecated views for handling authentication.
djblets.webapi.managers Managers for API-related database models.
djblets.webapi.oauth2_scopes OAuth2 scope generation for WebAPI resources.
djblets.webapi.resources Deprecated module for Web API resource classes and registration.
djblets.webapi.resources.base Base class for a resource in an API.
djblets.webapi.resources.group Built-in resource representing the Group model.
djblets.webapi.resources.registry Resource registration and lookup.
djblets.webapi.resources.root A flexible resource for the root of your API resource tree.
djblets.webapi.resources.user Built-in resource representing the User model.
djblets.webapi.resources.mixins.api_tokens Mixins for integrating token-based authentication into an API.
djblets.webapi.resources.mixins.forms Mixins for integrating a web API resource with a form.
djblets.webapi.resources.mixins.oauth2_tokens Web API resource support for OAuth2 token access.
djblets.webapi.resources.mixins.queries Mixins for helping with lookups from HTTP GET query strings.
djblets.webapi.signals Web API signals.
djblets.webapi.testing.decorators Decorators to help with API test suites.
djblets.webapi.testing.testcases Test case support for full API testing.

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