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Authentication-related views.

The bundled views help with common authentication-related tasks not otherwise provided by Django. At the moment, there is only support here for registration.

register(request, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Handle registration of a new user.

This works along with djblets.auth.forms.RegistrationForm to register a new user. It will display a registration form, validate the user’s new information, and then log them in.

The registration form, next page, and context can all be customized by the caller.

  • request (HttpRequest) – The HTTP request from the client.
  • next_page (unicode) – The URL to navigate to once registration is successful.
  • form_class (Form subclass) – The form that will handle registration, field validation, and creation of the user.
  • extra_context (dict) – Extra context variables to pass to the template when rendering.
  • initial_values (dict) – Initial values to set on the form when it is rendered.
  • form_kwargs (dict) – Additional keyword arguments to pass to the form class during instantiation.
  • template_name (unicode) – The name of the template containing the registration form.

The page’s rendered response or redirect.

Return type: